Tips for Visiting Crystal Cave Bermuda

Bermuda is such a convenient family destination, especially for families from the East Coast. Located just a short flight away from the East coast of the United States, Bermuda is home to great food, beautiful beaches, and fun activities. This Atlantic Ocean island isn’t the Caribbean but is still beautiful and has a laid-back, casual vibe. But, if you like cruises, you can find out more here

One of the most unique tourist attractions in Bermuda is Crystal Caves Bermuda, a collection of two underground caves that can be visited by guests. During our family vacation to Bermuda, we enjoyed a morning at Crystal and Fantasy Caves. It ended up being the highlight of our Bermuda trip, and I would definitely recommend visiting.

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Crystal Cave BermudaCrystal Cave Bermuda

Tips for Visiting Crystal Cave Bermuda

About Crystal Cave Bermuda

Crystal Caves Bermuda is actually a collection of two caves – Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave. In 1907, Crystal Cave was discovered by two teenagers named Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis on the property of the Wilkinson family.

The two caves can be toured individually or as a package. When purchasing tickets, you’ll notice that it isn’t much more money to visit both. So, if you have the time, it’s definitely worth visiting both.

Location of Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves is located in Hamilton Parish in Bermuda. We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton Bermuda, and took a cab to the caves. They are also on the bus routes, but we found a cab to be easier.

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Close up of cave formationsClose up of cave formations

Visiting Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves are open daily from 9am to 5pm, with the last guided tour taking place at 4:30pm. You can purchase a ticket to either cave, or a combination ticket for admission to both caves. Mastercard and Visa are accepted for tickets, and reservations aren’t required.

When you purchase your ticket(s), you’ll be told which cave you are visiting first (based on timing and availability). There’s a place to wait until your ticket group number is called, and then you’ll be led to your guided tour.

Crystal Cave was opened to tourists soon after it was discovered. However, tours were originally offered by boat. Now, you’ll be able to walk on a platform across the water.

Keep in mind that there are some stairs and a ramp to get down to the cave. You will have to walk.

When packing for your trip to Bermuda, make sure that you include appropriate footwear for a visit to the caves. They recommend rubber-soled shoes, and I would also recommend that. It’s not a strenuous walk, but it could be a little tricky with the wrong shoes.

A guided tour of Crystal Cave takes about 30 minutes. We really enjoyed seeing the beautiful cave, and were impressed with the knowledge of our guide.

After visiting Crystal Cave, we had to bring our ticket vouchers to Fantasy Caves back to the ticket desk to get a group number for that guided tour. After a short wait, we were called for the next tour.

Fantasy Cave was discovered several years after Crystal Cave, and the owners of the property sold to the Wilkinson family in later years. The walk down to Fantasy Cave is much more steep – 88 steps down. I’d recommend skipping this cave if you have balance or other mobility issues.

Like Crystal Cave, there’s a platform around the cave that you’ll walk on for the tour. You won’t get wet during your tour, although you’ll definitely want appropriate footwear.

Fantasy Cave is similar to Crystal Cave, but it’s also got a lot of differences. The incredible formations are surprisingly different, considering how close the two caves are. We were amazed at how unique these formations are.

So, which is best, Crystal Cave or Fantasy Cave? Half of our family preferred Fantasy, while the other half preferred Crystal. We did notice that Fantasy Cave was much hotter than Crystal Cave and definitely more humid, so keep that in mind depending on when you visit.

If you can, I’d definitely recommend visiting both. It took about 90 minutes to see both during our trip, but we visited in the offseason. I can imagine it gets much busier during the summer months and during cruiseship season..

Crystal Caves BermudaCrystal Caves Bermuda

Near Crystal Caves Bermuda

Arriving early (close to opening) is probably the best way to minimize your wait. Once you are done, there are a few places near Crystal Caves to visit. Within the complex, you’ll find a gift shop and a cafe.

A very short walk away is two iconic Bermuda institutions. Cross the street from the back entrance, and you’ll find the Swizzle Inn, home of the Rum Swizzle drink. We enjoyed lunch there and opted to sit on the top deck.

There’s also Bailey’s Ice Cream, which is located right by the back entrance. Unfortunately, it was closed during our stay. I’d recommend checking their schedule so you can make sure it’s open when you visit.

Have you been to Bermuda? Did you visit Crystal Caves?

Tips for visiting Crystal Caves Bermuda - a tourist attraction that includes both Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave. Tips for visiting Crystal Caves Bermuda - a tourist attraction that includes both Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave.