Thanksgiving Travel Options For 2020

In the past, we’ve loved traveling on vacation over Thanksgiving break. Because our family lives nearby, we don’t need to worry about traveling to visit friends and family. Instead, we’d hit the road to vacation as a family – going to Nashville, Bermuda, Walt Disney World, and on a Disney Cruise over the years.

Thanksgiving was always a great time to travel, because it was a rare block of time when the kids didn’t have school or activities. However, Thanksgiving 2020 is significantly different than any other holiday season. Although we haven’t seen our family members in a while, it’s too high risk to host or attend a Thanksgiving dinner with everyone.

If you, like us, typically travel over Thanksgiving, you may be wondering what to do for holiday travel. We do have some great options for families whether they are staying home or plan to travel.

Thanksgiving Travel Options for 2020

Of course, staying home is always an option. Cooking a Thanksgiving meal for immediate family may not be appealing. However, lots of local restaurants are offering pre-cooked gourmet Thanksgiving meals to go. So, even if you don’t want to eat out, you can still get a delicious meal.

I’ve found that the best way to find these is by contacting the restaurant directly, or by looking at their website. Local catering companies are also offering family meals, so that’s another option.

If you do prefer to cook for your family, you may want to get your turkey early. Smaller turkeys are likely to sell quickly this year, because so many families are choosing to stay home.

If you’d prefer to leave your home, there are also plenty of travel options even in your local area. Keep in mind that there are currently many travel restrictions at the national, state, and local level.

Review these before you even consider traveling, keeping in mind that they can change at any time. In many cases, it’s safer to stay home. Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need, including masks and hand sanitizer.

The yard of a vacation rentalThe yard of a vacation rental

Nearby Vacation Home

Do you prefer to leave your home for a change of scenery? A vacation home can be a great option. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out, and will also have access to a full kitchen where you can prepare a meal or eat/reheat your takeout.

When looking for a vacation home, find a place that offers lots of space, as well as the kitchen amenities you’ll need and want. You may prefer to bring some things from home that you may not be in the home, including platters, storage containers (for leftovers), and a carving knife.

Since some local attractions may be closed during the holiday weekend, bring along some entertainment as well. Our family loves traveling with board games so we have something to do during the day and at night.

Find a place with plenty of open outdoor space. Then, you can take time during the day to hike and explore the area without the concern of crowds. Even this small change of scenery can really help.

Rockport, MA - Motif #1Rockport, MA - Motif #1

Day Trip Over The Long Weekend

Would you prefer to stay at home? There are still lots of options to explore your local area during the long weekend.

Our area has so many great, socially distant activities for families. These include drive-through holiday light displays, hiking trails, local nature preserves, and beaches (too cold to swim, but great for an outdoor walk).

Some of these may require reservations. Therefore, you’ll want to look now and book where possible so you don’t miss out.

If you aren’t planning to leave your home, make a list of holiday movies and games to pass the time. Thanksgiving can be a such a fun break for families, as long as you have plenty of things to do.

Nearby Resort or Hotel

After reviewing all of our options, we’ve decided to stay in a resort for the holiday weekend. We chose a resort with suites and villas so that we’ll have plenty of room, as well as a kitchen. There are lots of great options where you’ll have limited contact with others.

Look at some of your favorite nearby resorts to see what types of vacation packages are being offered. You’ll probably want to have a suite or villa, especially if you plan to eat in your room. Like with the vacation homes, you may want to bring along some kitchen supplies so that you’ll have everything that you’ll need.

Regardless of what you choose to do for Thanksgiving this year, remember to stay safe and follow all applicable guidelines and recommendations. If you are high-risk, it’s always best to stay at home and stay safe.

Ideas and tips for Thanksgiving Travel, including destinations and what to do whether you are staying home or want to travel.Ideas and tips for Thanksgiving Travel, including destinations and what to do whether you are staying home or want to travel.