Recipe of the week: Cubik Mato

Tomato mozzarella, wherever you are in the world, is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Unfortunately, there is never a lot of creativity and it is always presented the same boring way. Having the same presentation without surprising factors is most probably contradictory to what you heard already. Food needs to be tasty but the visual is equally important, and this is why presenting a classic tomato mozzarella in in the form of a Rubik’s cube is fun and interesting. All products are natural and with the help of some molecular magical cuisine it is possible to form this popular cube which is now baptised as Cubik Mato.

First, a few tips you might like to bear in mind before reading on: the silicon mold is from SilikoMart 2x2x2cm. Spray a little baking oil inside the mould before adding the ingredients. The mould can be placed in the blast freezer for a while, it makes it easier to unmould. For extra visuals, place a few tomato seeds in the mold before pouring the tomato juice.


For the ricotta

500 ml whole milk
40 ml cream
4 gr salt
15 ml lemon juice

For the mozzarella

135 ml whey
150 ml mineral water
30 gr milk powder
10 gr yoghurt powder
4 gr salt
6 gr iota
4 gr agar agar

For the tomato

500 ml fresh tomato juice
4 gr agar agar
Salt, pepper, tabasco

For the garnish

Olive oil
Maltodextrin powder
Baby cress, basil


For the ricotta

Prepare a sieve with a wet towel or a cheesecloth over a large bowl. Combine all ingredients and bring to the boil. Stir occasionally and reduce the heat. Simmer until the mixture curdles after 10 minutes. If you see a lot of unseparated milk, add some more lemon juice. Use a skimmer or a slotted spoon to transfer the curdled milk into the lined sieve and let it drain for an hour. Discard the liquid (whey), cover the ricotta cheese and refrigerate.

For the mozzarella

Whisk all ingredients for the mozza together. Bring to the boil for a minute, remove from the stove and then whisk 100 gr of the freshly made ricotta into the mixture. Transfer immediately into a silicon mold and refrigerate.

For the tomato

Combine the tomato juice, agar agar and seasoning, bring to the boil for a minute and transfer immediately into a silicon mold and refrigerate.

For the oil powder

Whisk a small amount of olive oil with the maltodextrin powder until it forms crumbs.

Unmold the molecular mozzarella and tomato then pile the cubes to form a “chess” pattern. Sprinkle the olive oil powder around the cube and garnish with fresh baby cress and basil.

Thank you to Executive Chef Yannick Tirbois from Culinary Ambition for the recipe.

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