Exploring KBB.com HQ Celebrating the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards

This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book®; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Like many others this past year, I found myself at home with lots of time and many canceled plans. The fortuitous release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a great escape from stay at home life for my family. Within the game, we were able to explore new places, host and attend virtual parties, and pass the time in a relaxing, fun way.

So, I was excited to see that Kelley Blue Book®, in celebration of the announcement of their 2021 Best Buy Awards, created their own Animal Crossing Island. KBB.com HQ is available for guests to visit from December 8-17th, 2020. It’s a fun experience, and you can even help American Rivers with a donation.

Kkb.com HQ Animal Crossing IslandKkb.com HQ Animal Crossing Island

Visiting the KBB.com HQ Island

I looked forward to checking out KBB.com HQ and to see how they were able to celebrate the awards within this virtual environment. Guests can visit either by requesting a Dodo Code to fly there (in live play) or can use the Dream Code to visit in a dream.

With a Dodo Code, you’ll email [email protected] to request a Dodo Code. The island will be open from December 8th, 2020 to December 17th, 2020, from 3pm ET to 12am ET.

Once you have your Dodo Code, head to your airport, and provide the code. You’ll be on your way to KBB.com HQ right away. With this method, you can fish, shop, shake trees, and get some KBB.com swag at the tailor shop.

Otherwise, you can visit KBB.com HQ using DREAM CODE DA-2488-5249-3892. With this method, go into any bed on your island and give the dream code to Luna. You’ll be able to visit via Dream Code 24×7, but won’t be able to shop, fish, or bring anything there or back.

The entrance at KKB.com HQThe entrance at KKB.com HQ
With Kelley, the island resident

What You’ll See on KBB.com HQ

I was so impressed with the theming and fun atmosphere on KBB.com HQ. I always love seeing the creativity that people bring to the Animal Crossing environment, and this island is especially well themed.

Once you fly into the island, you’ll arrive right at the entrance. Don’t forget to check out everything as you fly overhead. It’s a great way to see things from the aerial perspective.

At the entrance, you’ll find the KBB.com 2021 Best Buy Awards logo. You may even see the island’s resident, Kelley, dressed in head to toe Kelley Blue Book swag.

In the tailor shopIn the tailor shop
Get some custom clothing designs in the tailor shop

Things you’ll find on the island include:

  • A fun maze, where you can test your skills in finding your way out.
  • The highways, where you’ll see various cars and can race through the street.
  • The showroom, which appears on the map as Kelley’s house. It has several rooms, including the basement computer room (where the decisions are made), the outdoor room (inside but looks like it’s outside), the upstairs VIP lounge, the showroom, and the main office. You can also take a photo right outside the
  • The hub, where you can celebrate the winners of the Kelley Blue Book 2021 Best Buy Awards. Take a photo right in the center, and see the trophies and treasure chest.
  • The tailor shop, where you can pick up clothing patterns with the KBB.com logo and colors. Add these patterns to your custom designs, and then visit the custom design app on your Nook Phone to put these designs on clothes.
  • The pier – one of the many places where you can fish for trash and fish.
  • The dump, where you can donate your trash in exchange for a donation to American Rivers. You can even bring trash that you’ve found on your island.
  • The car shop, a fun themed area of the island where cars are “repaired”.

Overall, I spent about 40 minutes on the island. But you could definitely spend more if you decide to spend lots of time fishing.

Donate your trash to generate a donation to American RiversDonate your trash to generate a donation to American Rivers
Donate your trash to generate a donation to American Rivers

If you regularly play Animal Crossing New Horizons, you may know that on occasion, you’ll fish out trash instead of creatures. This garbage includes tires, boots, and cans. If you find some on KBB.com HQ (or bring your own from your island), you can leave it in the dump.

For every piece of trash donated, Kelley Blue Book will make a donation to American Rivers up to $10,000. American Rivers helps with river preservation. If you visit via a Dream Code rather than Dodo Code, you won’t be able to donate trash, so keep this in mind.

After visiting the island, be sure to check out the 2021 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards. These awards are broken out by a variety of different categories, including full-size SUVs, compact cars, midsize cars, plug-in hybrids, and many more. Kelley Blue Book analyzes many different car features including dependability, ownership cost, comfort, affordability, and more.

Be sure to request your Dodo Code or use the dream code to visit KBB.com HQ now through December 17th.