YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping

YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel

YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel

EP09: Current Crisis Coping

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Show Notes

YTP EP09: Current Crisis Coping + Thoughts on Future of Travel. In this episode, we share our updates during the Rona virus: How we’re coping, what we’re doing to stay sane, what we’re focusing on in our business, and what we think will happen in travel.

We discuss EP09: Current Crisis Coping

  • Why NC becomes our perfect place to live yet again!
  • Why we’re fed up, cranky, and heartbroken
  • On the flip side why we’re grateful for it,
  • How we’re handling the roller coaster ride
  • The hugely beneficial box breathing strategy from the Navy SEALS
  • How our habits are keeping us grounded and strong
  • Why frustration is your most powerful ally
  • How you can take back control and personal power
  • The great opportunity this situation offers us to do
  • What my NEW and WEIRD fear is
  • Our Netflix addictions
  • How we think travel will change
  • Our travel plans (no not traveling right now)
  • What we’re focusing on now in our business and why
  • Why you should never stop dreaming and connecting to service, purpose, and joy
  • How you can be ready to grab the travel deals
  • Why our memories are important (hint: keep making full and happy ones)

The circumstances of our life aren’t making us, they’re revealing our character

Wayne Dyer

Video: How to stay calm during chaotic times  [embedded content]



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How are you coping during this time? Are you seeing any benefits? Are you making any changes? Do you have any questions for future episodes? EP09: Current Crisis Coping

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