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Travel Videographer. 10 Steps on How to Become one. With the increase in digital technology, travel photography and videography are increasing rapidly. There are multiple projects that deal with a picture to video maker. It means you can make a full-fledged video by using pictures only. Almost everybody has tried it at least once in their lives and some of them are doing travel videography to earn their livelihood. It has proven to be a profitable and very healthy profession. But here are some tips and tricks which you must know before starting travel videography. These tricks will help you to excel in your profile and to become famous overnight. I am going to mention some of the important steps on how to become a travel videographer here :

1- Learn the Video Making skills with Travel Videographer

There is no need to get admission in any college or university to learn videography when you can do it for free. There is one thing very clear, videography is all about skills and you get skills by practicing. This is not rocket science for which you have to take regular classes and learn the concepts.

To learn video making, take a camera and start making videos. Try all the features of the camera one by one, combine them together. Try making a video from different angles.

2- Get Quality Tools to make good quality videos

Good tools matter as much as the skill. You can have the world’s best skills but if you do not have the good quality tools to show is to the world, your skill will be wasted. So make use of it as long as you have time. Get yourself some good quality camera, lenses, reel, etc. If you are short on a budget right now, it is okay. Get a camera, start making videos and get experience. You can upgrade your videography tools with time.

3- Travel a lot in order to understand the beauty and hardship

To start travel videography first travel a lot and know yourself. Do you love traveling? Can you do it for a living? Will, you not get fed up with traveling? If you have traveled and got the passion to travel more and capture the moments in your camera then welcome to the new world of videography. You will experience different scenes every day. Nature is very mysterious, if you keep on traveling the same place for years you will still not get up of it as every time you will see a new thing.

4- Analyze the background noise of your travel video

Sometimes the background noise is worth keeping while at other times you may have some custom music to add in your video. If the background noise is of parrot’s voice, rain’s sound or the music of the wind then you can add it if it complements your video. But if you are planning to add your own voice or some music behind the video then make sure it does not look awkward or absurd.

5- Take Various Shots

Take shots as much as you can. Long shots, short shots, in dark and in light, from the top or from the bottom but take as many shots as you can. You never know which shot can impress you and everyone who will ever see it. Sometimes you will have to wait for several hours or days to capture something but it is quite worth it as long as your video attracts viewers. Some very famous videographers and photographers have allegedly spent months in order to capture a specific shot.

6- Keep Following the story throughout your video

Every video has a story to tell and if there is no story to tell the viewers then the video is not worth it. A content without meaning is no content at all. So make the story in your video, show it beautifully and make sure you are following the story throughout your travel video. You can even tell the story to your viewers in your video. It can be a story about yourself, how you traveled to how this video was captured. People like to hear from daring and skillful people. It will not be wasted for sure.

7- Capture the Golden Light to create a glittery video

Golden light or golden time is the most beautiful time of the day when everything looks beautiful. Nature shines bright at that time. Golden light spreads at the particular time of the day at sunrise and sunset. Travel photographers know the value of this time and if you see the travel videos you will get to know that there is at least one scene from the golden hour of the day.

8- Short is Better

In this era, our attention span is getting smaller. All of us prefer short and centered content rather than a long and meaningless one. So cut all the extras out of your video. Tell the message you wanted to tell in short. Make your content beautiful and attractive by cutting out the extras. Make multiple short videos of the same location with a different message. You can have more content with less effort and your content will generate more traffic because of its nature. As it is short and focused on the message.

9- Get the Feedback regularly

If you keep on making videos and do not get to know the good and bad points of your videos then how will you ever get better? The key to foster in life is to get better with the requirements. The world is changing rapidly and you too must. Cope up with the world. And to get to know if you are moving in the right, just get the feedback of people around you.

You can also make a youtube channel, get subscribers and also their feedback. You will also become famous. Besides, putting self-made videos on youtube can become your source of income.

10- Travel Videographer Editing is the key to perfection

No matter how good or perfect your video is, you always need to edit it. There is always something that needs to be edited.

Have you ever seen the most beautiful videos on the internet? Well, trust me when I tell you that they have been edited. There are multiple features, transitions, animations and even sounds to make your video look perfect. A couple of video editing software is available free of cost while some of them can be bought. If you are newbie, with lesser or no skill it is better for you to get some free software to learn video editing skills.

Stay passionate and keep working to better your skills.

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