Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U

Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U

Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U

Travel Tips in Tough Times  Solo Trekker 4 U Sadly, recent times have seen an increase in violence in many parts of the world from Europe to Africa.  As a result, some travelers are concerned about safety as they think of a next trip abroad. There are no guarantees. However, it helps to think ahead and plan the best ways to be prepared.

 Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U: Know Before You go:

Tip One:

Look first at your destination. Learn about issues there via the Internet. Check out government warnings. Arc there problems there at the moment? Hotly disputed elections? For example, years ago I was planning a trip to a remote part of Africa. I found out there was a real drout and food shortages with real issues to go there at that time.

After you do some research, ask yourself a few questions:  Are there options that give much of the same in locales not experiencing violence. For example, if you love European castles, culture and cuisine, there are many choices you may have overlooked. Romania has alot to offer at reduced prices. The Nordic region can be pricey. It is great though if you want to flee the heat back home.

Tip Two:

Rethink travel plans to destinations in the midst of current or long term disputes with your home country. A good example for Americans right now is North Korea which has been in some select US tours.  When there was an East Berlin when I was a young exchange student in then West Germany, I spent a day largely alone photographing the Brandenburg Gate from the “other side”.  When I went through “Checkpoint Charlie”, I had a sinking feeling as I had to give up my passport not knowing it would be returned moments later.  In any case, since the US had no diplomatic relationships, travel there at that time really did mean being “on your own”!

Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U: Use alternative airports:

Tip Three:

Pick airports known for good security rather than convenience.  I have done this at times. When you are on the go for 24+ hours, options abound for connections in cities not embroiled in controversy.

Travel Tips in Tough Times Solo Trekker 4 U:

Avoid the crowds that are vantage points for protests and attacks.  Unfortunately, this means not going to some of the top sites in world capitals or weighing the risk since such attractions can be a focal point for problems.  However, when I was in India this year, I would not have missed the Taj Mahal but still was on my guard waiting outside in semi-darkness for the door to open.

Tip Four:
Go off the beaten path to areas where political strife and terrorism have not occurred.

Travel Tips in Tough Times :  Choose s small ship cruise.

Tip Five:

Take a cruise. Although modern-day pirates are not unknown, they are infrequent. For solo travelers, this really helps so that you are not left looking in the dark for places for dinner.

Please do see our past blogs on 6 Updated Tips on How to Avoid Calamity on Travel and  Safety Travel Tips for Women Travelers  . Email us on our Contacts page, your own tips or questions.

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