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Filotimo -The Word With No Translation

Filotimo -The Word With No Translation

Boat Santorini Bay, Filotimo

Filotimo -The Word With No Translation, in researching Greece before our wonderful Greek adventure, I came across some information that didn’t seem to fit together.

In spite of the financial crisis, the austerity measure, and one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, Greece has one of the highest rates of self-reported happiness in the world.

How is it that the people of Greece are so happy in the face of significant negative issues?

Is it religion?

The Greeks are a religious group with – reporting that they consider their faith important. But, many countries are made up of people of strong faith. As a matter of fact, Greece isn’t even on the Top 20 Most Religious Countries list.

Is it strong family ties?

Greeks DO have strong family ties...

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