Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips If Things Go Wrong Abroad: If you do plan to get overseas for a vacation this year, what are the best ways to avoid problems that can spoil your trip? Here are our ten updated tips. Bear in mind, that some safeguards must be taken before and even AFTER you come home!

Solo Travel Tips If Things Go Wrong Abroad:

Tip One:

Before you leave home, make a copy of the first page of your passport and visa, and keep them separate.

Solo Travel Tips If Things Go Wrong Abroad:

Tip Two:

Make a plan to have cash wired if your passport is lost. (When I flew home from a trip, a fellow traveler told me of his plight that Sunday. His US passport was stolen abroad. When he went to get it replaced, fees applied to get a new one. Since his cash and credit cards were stolen, he spent most of that day trying to reach someone back home in the US to wire money to him

Tip Three:

Take phone and email contacts for your consulate/embassy abroad.  I once found myself (passport in hand) in a small town in India with a visa issue. Although we may think visas are just needed to go to a country, try leaving when you have a visa problem! I tried to reach the correct in-country US staff via email.  I had limited online access and could not reach the right person. When I went to leave a few days later, it took me some time to get through apparently because of a visa issue. (Do read your visa for errors to get it corrected prior to leaving home.)

Extra Passport-sized Snapshot

Tip Four:

If you have an extra passport-sized snapshot, take it with you. In addition, these are the key documents helpful if you lose your passport abroad: government ID like a birth certificate or copy of your lost passport/visa; plane/train tickets and any police report, if you have it (Insurance will need it if there are claims). The last one can be tricky as I found out. I was robbed on a train in one country. Since the train took off, I could not get a police report there. The train went on through a second country. When I arrived at my destination in a third country for a few days stay, there was no way to get a report.

Recommend Wearing a Money Belt

Tip Five:

I highly recommend wearing a money belt (unseen) under your waistband to hold your passport.

Tips When Things Go Wrong Abroad:

Tip Six:

If you lose your passport abroad, first thing contact your country’s consulate or embassy’s Consular Section where you are. (You will likely have to wait for standard business hours.) Plan to go in. At least US citizens can’t replace a lost passport online  and must file paper work. In any case, you may just get a limited, emergency passport.

Solo Travel Tips

Tip Seven:

While away, immediately contact your bank and credit card companies. Why do that before you get home? A lost passport is a real “gift” to those engaged in the growth industry of identity theft. This can haunt you for months or years to come.

Tip Eight:

If you must miss your flight home, see if  your airline will waive fees to book a new flight.

Tip Nine:  When you return home, continue to watch your credit cards and bank accounts.

Tip Ten:

If you received a limited, emergency passport, check back on how to get a standard one.

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