Single Parents Travel

Single Parents Travel

Single Parents Travel

Single Parents Travel.  In the past, solo travelers that are single parents have not had easy access to best deals and information. We discovered a host of resources while researching to develop our patent-pending search software, the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker.

We currently have 22 listings for single parent providers. Single Parent Holidays is a great starting point for English-speaking travelers. We also have included multiple listings in Spanish and German as well.


Safety Advice For Single Parents Solo Travel

Okay guys thanks for tuning in, today we’re going to be discussing some solo traveler relationship advice myself I actually have been traveling for over three months now and it’s kind of funny because you know I left the country partially to get over my ex relationship of three years and I just ended up falling in love with this girl on Koh Phangan because you know when you’re traveling solo you meet interesting and beautiful people.

So, at the time everything seemed perfect you know the first month or so that we were dating everything was you know incredible but low and behold she had ulterior motives they say a lot of Thai girls, always have ulterior motives and I didn’t want to believe it you know I’ve heard a lot of stories about guys getting married to Thai women and then everything gets put in their name since foreigners can’t own anything in Thailand, then they get divorced and the woman takes everything.

That wasn’t the case in this situation but it ended up being bad for me because I believed her and I did fall in love and it was incredible but you never know what’s going to happen, you don’t know what’s going on in the other person’s heart and these women meet people all the time, they’re always coming and going so their capacity for love and the things that they’re interested in might not be in alignment with what you think they are.

So, I was definitely lied to and deceived and I want you guys as a solo traveler if you’re planning on dating anybody,  just protect yourself and don’t do what I did and believe what they say as hard as it may be and as genuine as they may sound it’s a lot safer for you to protect your heart to save yourself the pain that I went through finding out that I was being lied to because once her ex-boyfriend in Russia contacted her she basically realized that she still cared about him and our plans together didn’t matter anymore.

I didn’t know that of course until she made up a bunch of Lies and left early and I ended up to do some research because I knew something wasn’t right and I totally busted her and it ended up being a really really really bad situation really difficult situation for me to deal with so, this highlights is just for any solo travelers out there that are considering dating anybody while you’re out obviously, I recommend meeting people it’s been one of the best highlights so far and I look forward to meeting so many other people however I am a little emotionally damaged from that and scarred and I will definitely be more reserved moving forward.

It was an important learning experience for me as I will be traveling for nine more months through about 15 other countries so. I guess it’s better I learn now than later or if I had not learned and she kept us both on the string until she moved to America when which is one of the reasons why I look forward to seeing hers because I knew that she would be one state away from me when I get back to the United States.  So, some dreams are too good to be true and this particular circumstance was one of them, it was a hard life lesson for me I mean I don’t take it back because it was amazing and I don’t want to discourage you guys from trying to experience love and meeting people but I just want you to protect yourself because it can hurt a lot and you know just to avoid it just have a good time and really try and keep your distance if you can and yeah just just travel tomorrow travel safe and have a good time all right guys that’s it that’s my relationship tip for solo travelers just protect your heart don’t trust these women while you’re out here because they don’t want your money they might have some ulterior motive just like she did that you know is not in your best interest and you’re going to end up you know suffering because of it so if you if you don’t then you can have a good time you can keep your distance and keep traveling without having to deal with the heartache all right thank security guys if you have any questions leave a comment below if you found this video useful please like and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching!

Traditional lodging where:

Younger children don’t pay.

Family rooms are available.

For more information, please see this guide for “Solo Single Parent Travel“.

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