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Ranch Vacations
Ranch Vacations

Dude ranch vacations are becoming increasingly attractive to solo travelers of all kinds, from those who want to meet new people and make new friends, to those who wish to retreat from the world and enjoy some serious ‘me-time’. Haven’t you considered this kind of vacation for single travelers yet? Read on and find out why this is one solo adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

Ranch Vacations are perfect for Solo Travelers. Traveling alone? You may be surprised to find out if this kind of vacation is the perfect getaway for solo travelers! Here’s why…

With Ranch Vacations, you’ll enjoy the freedom to be you

Guess what? If you take the plunge and book a singles vacation, you only have one person to please – that’s you! No more traipsing around museums when it’s not your thing, or spending hours persuading your other half that a day in the saddle taking in beautiful scenery is exactly what you both need. Compromise is a thing of the past – well, at least for a week or two!

Mexico makes three few appearances on our list, with Puerto Vallarta (which is having something of a renaissance right now) the first to appear. It’s always been popular with older Americans, but in recent years the more rustic charms of Sayulita about 22 miles north of Puerto Vallarta’s airport, has seen an influx of Millennial travelers and of course, a lot of solo travelers as well. Visit PV if you like a more traditional, tony resort experience and Sayulita if ecotourism, mingling with locals and unplugging in a palapa is more your speed.

It’s time to focus on your needs and dude ranch vacations are some of the best vacations for single travelers – you can choose what YOU want to do without having to worry about anyone else! For example, head to Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming and relax in the company of nature, explore rustic and varied landscapes, challenge yourself by trying new activities, or indulge in a spa day – the beautiful C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado has the luxurious ‘Lazy U Spa’ you’ll be pampered in. Go on, you deserve it!

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