Painters Tape Travel Checklist

Painters Tape Travel Checklist

Painters Tape Travel Checklist

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Painters Tape Travel Checklist is the duct tape of travel. It can fix or correct so many problems you have! It can serve as a toy, too. Of all the things I take with me, I never, EVER leave home without painter’s tape.

1 – Use Painters Tape Travel Checklist to hold the hotel curtains together.

Why is it that no matter where the bed is located in a hotel room, the one tiny sliver of sunlight will shine a bring beam directly on your sleeping face. Don’t let that annoying stream of light wake you up!

We all know it is rare when little ones sleep in, right? Don’t let sunlight wake them up even one minute early! You need that extra sleep on vacation. Don’t let open curtains disturb your child’s slumber.

Use painters tape to let you get every extra minute of sleep you can! It won’t damage the curtains or the wall – the beauty of painter’s tape.

2 – Use Painters Tape Travel Checklist to hem pants on the fly.

Sometimes things go wrong when you are on vacation – like stepping on the hem of your pant and tearing the stitching.

We all know it happens….right when you are walking out the door for that important meeting or show you have waited for ages to see.

Forget sewing in the hotel room or walking on hems that are too long…just tape that hem and keep on going! Painter’s tape is a perfect solution.

3 – Use Painters tape for quiet play in hotel rooms and airports.

boy using imagination to play in airport

Painters tape makes an incredible toy. Tape ‘streets’ on the floor and make a city for dolls and cars.

Painter’s tape ‘lasers’ in a hallway and walk like a limber spy through them.

Create a spider web! Use the painter’s tape to create a spider web in the doorway and have kids toss crumpled paper on it.  Easy and quiet.

Find great ways to use painters tape with the kids at Miss Mancy.

4 – Use Painters Tape to protect fragile souvenirs.

Use tape and your dirty clothes to wrap that lovely wine, olive oil, maple syrup, or wine you are bringing home.

Yes, I said wine twice – doesn’t everyone bring home wine as a souvenir???? ?

We brought wine home from Canada when we found the vineyard that wouldn’t ship internationally! Bummer!

Packing tape worked like a charm to get things home in one piece and it doesn’t damage your clothes.

We’ve used it on every single trip!

*fossils from Morocco

*ceramic cups from Turkey

*picture frames from Greece

5 – Use Painters Tape Travel Checklist to consolidate bags and packages.

Put all those bags of ‘stuff’ you are struggling to hold and tape them together. It makes the bundle sturdier to carry or put in the suitcase and keeps things from flying around everywhere!

In a pinch – tape those bags of souvenirs that are taped together it to the top of your suitcase. That makes it easier to walk through the airport!

6 – Use Painters Tape to label things.

Stop the squabbles over which snack/toy belongs to which kiddo. Tape and label. Have two kids that just insist on driving each other crazy? Put a tape line on the floor and give them each a side to play on! LOL!

I LOVE painters tape and never leave home without it! Even the empty roll is fun and makes a great garage for a tiny car.





painters tape.toy.example

Do you have a ‘must travel with’ item for your family adventures?

Happy family travels,

Natalie, The Educational TouristThe Educational Tourist logo




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