Solo Trekker Travel

Solo Trekker Travel Style  5 Tips on How to Pack for Summer Travel: It’s hard to know how to pack when carry-on’s get smaller and fees greater.  Try out these 5 additional tips. See also our blog on travel to hot climes. Another choice? Check out our blog on staying cool on adventure travel.  Going Upriver on the Amazon, I was amazed at how hot it was trekking the rainforest in the rainy season. This past year hiking up hill tops in India in the monsoons was more of the same.

Do take a handheld battery-operated fan, and try some of our packing tips below.

5 Tips on How to Pack for Summer Travel:

Tip One:

Pack a sun hat? Take a visor instead. Hats won’t stay on as you sail into the sunset or kayak past leaping whales. Worst yet, most sunhats can’t be folded and packed. As I found...

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National Parks in Kenya

National Parks
by kewing

National Parks in Kenya. A Kenya safari offers ultimate place and activity for a holiday of great adventure. However, it’s not easy to find a place to visit in Kenya. In this article, we will list some of the greatest National Parks in Kenya, the country with their specific and original sites and activities.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Probably the mostly densely big game populated reserve in Kenya, the Masai Mara is a haven for those wanting to spot the African ‘big five’ that is made up of lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard. However, there are also many other varieties of animals that inhabit this park that are more than worth of a mention, such as hippo, Masai and Rothschild’s giraffe, topi, warthog and white rhino.

Amboseli National Park

The scenic views from this me...

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Lives Beyond Vegas

Wowed at what lives Beyond Vegas Week 17: Keeping a commitment can be challenging, but there is one important reason why you should: If you don’t you lose confidence in yourself. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

How can you build confidence and competence if you continue to give yourself a back door?

It’s so easy to quit.

Lives Beyond Vegas

Lives Beyond Vegas

Lives Beyond Vegas Valley of Fire State Park

It’s so easy to say you’re too tired, or broke, or unhealthy, or time strapped, or whatever. It’s hard to show up each day and remain true to your word. But you will kill your success if you don’t.

Sure life can get in the way sometimes and things can’t be helped.

But always ask yourself before you let it get in the way

Is this really true? Am I 100% held back now? Or, am I just...

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New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans Hotels: 6 great hotels in the French Quarter. Are you looking for recommendations on where to stay in the French Quarter from someone who’s actually visited and stayed or at least walked through a bunch of hotels? Then this is the post for you!

I’ve visited New Orleans seven times now, and have stayed at fabulous hotels in the French Quarter and some just outside it.

But my top tip for visiting the city of jazz is to stay IN the French Quarter. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time walking (and walking – bring good shoes) and there’s lots of exploring to do here and if your hotel is nice and central you can pop in and out for bathroom breaks or a little lie down when the shopping gets tough!

Behind all those little shuttered windows of gaily painted buildings an...

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park 11 Best Things to Do Here. Fascinated by the 7 natural wonders of the world? Here we tick off one of them- the mysterious and engaging Grand Canyon National Park.

Still undiscovered on how old it is, Grand Canyon is a mesmerising natural wonder. Located in Arizona’s northwestern quadrant, it boasts the massive expanse of gorges, magnificent rock formation and beautiful stretch of ridges. And it doesn’t surprise us that it is an iconic globally recognised destination.

Since 1979, this park has been the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just by admiring the views, you can spend hours here. Needless to say, this tourist place holds many marvels and activities for you. Here is the run-through to what to do in grand canyon national park-

Begin with Grand Canyon Visitor ...

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Hollywood Interesting

Hollywood, Interesting Things to Do in Los Angeles with Kids. LA is the second biggest city in the USA, and as a visitor it seems like there are endless things to do in Los Angeles with kids!

Over the years we’ve been able to visit Los Angeles several times. Firstly solo, then as a couple, and now with our two daughters, Kalyra and Savannah.

Hollywood 20 Fun and Interesting Things

Hollywood 20 Fun and Interesting Things

To be honest we weren’t initially big fans, and it’s taken a while for LA to grow on us.

Sometimes you have to visit a place a second or third or even forth time before you can appreciate it.

I think it’s because we change so much with age and family makeup and what we look for in a destination. And destinations can evolve too.

Hollywood, Interesting Things to Do in Los Angeles with Kids

Our opinion of Lo...

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Utah BLOWS Our Mind

Utah BLOWS Our Mind. Bring out every superlative on the planet and you still won’t do this state justice. It’s why we’ve chosen to spend at least 5 weeks in Utah!

I can’t get enough of the colors in God’s Art Studio. Not only that it’s full, and I mean, full of epic outdoor adventures and memory making opportunities.

Utah BLOWS Our Mind

Utah BLOWS Our Mind

Snow Canyon State Park

There’s Savannah and Kalyra yelling at me over the ATV engine as I screamed and drove up a steep sand dune,

“You’ve got this Mum!” ‘Show them what you’re made of!”

The girls racing to the Zion Visitor Center to get their Junior Rangers Program so they can start learning about the park.

Enthusiastically stating that this was by far the most fun ever when we climbed up and around the small waterfall to explore ...

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Flying Alaska Airlines

Flying Alaska Airlines with a Baby or Toddler

Flying Alaska Airlines with a Baby or Toddler

Need to Know: Flying Alaska Airlines with a Baby or Toddler. Will you be flying Alaska Airlines with a baby or toddler? As part of my “Need to Know” airlines series for parents flying with infants and young children, here are some important points to be aware of (and be prepared for) before your flight–and possibly booking.

Flying Alaska Airlines with an infant on your lap?

If you plan to fly Alaska Airlines with a lap-held baby or “lap child,” be aware they make no luggage allowance for unticketed passengers (no matter how cute they may be). That means your diaper bag will count toward your own carry-on bag allowance, or at least toward one of the ticketed passengers in your party.

The only exceptions are car seats and strollers as ...

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You might be surprised at some of these items banned from Disneyland as the likelihood is you have a few them on you right now and would have innocently wandered in. Be warned!

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on Earth, but if you try and take these things in, you will find your smile turned upside down.

Some of these banned items make sense and you’ll be grateful for the rules (I’m looking at YOU skateboarder), but some of the other things I had no idea about and could have quite easily swanned in carrying the offending contraband.

Disneyland What NOT to take to

Disneyland What NOT to take to

Princesses and ballerinas will never be banned (as long as they’re over 14!)

Disneyland What NOT to take to

No costumes are allowed on anyone over 14...

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Grandparents Vacation

Grandparents Vacation

Grandparents Vacation

Grandparents Vacation, Ten Essential Tips. Whether it’s a family reunion with many branches of your family tree or a just your household vacationing with one or two grandparents, I can tell you from experience that multi-generational travel is great way for families to bond and make memories—when it’s done right.

If you’re already planning a family vacation with grandparents, or you’re just beginning to consider the idea, here are some tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of multigenerational travel and plan your best vacation with grandparents possible.

vacation with grandma, two toddlers with grandmother at Chichen Itza, Mexico

1. Be honest about your expectations.

If at least 1/10th of the reason you’re considering a vacation with the older generation is because you think you’ll have built-in babysitting, you all owe it ...

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