Packing and Budgeting Solo Sherpa Travel App

Packing and Budgeting Solo Sherpa Travel App. To make packing and budgeting easy, check out the Solo Sherpa app now available for both Apple and android products at the App Store and Google Play Store .

Packing and Budgeting Solo Sherpa Travel App solves two of travelers’ biggest challenges: 1. How to pack from economical carry-on’s to taking it “all” with you and 2. How to make a budget and stick to it as you travel.  This easy-to-use app lets travelers customize packing and budget lists to add and subtract what fits their type of trip and travel. Each trip can be saved for future use so no one has to start all over each time.  Solo Sherpa was created for those traveling alone but works as well for couples, families and groups.

Packing and Budgeting with the Solo Sherpa Travel App

Solo Sherpa

Solo Sherpa gives you a road map to get started. The app provides tips based on 50 years of solo travel.  As a starting point, it gives travelers our extensive lists to make packing easy and then add and subtract items to fit each traveler, every style of travel and a specific trip. Travelers can save a pending or prior trip to use for reference in the future.

More ways to use the Solo Sherpa for a better trip:


  • Start by reviewing our 20+ packing tips.
  • Learn to pack a carry-on and “one personal item”.
  • Alternatively, take it “all”, if you must, with this list.
  • Tailor our toiletries list to what you need.
  • Make special plans for cold weather travel.
  • Go easily from day-to-evening.


  • Choose the currency you will use.
  • Set a food budget from eating out to mini-marts/mini-bars.
  • Estimate lodging costs plus taxes and special fees.
  • Figure out airline, train and surface transportation costs.
  • Create a miscellaneous budget from sightseeing, guides, and tips to gifts for friends and family.
Packing and Budgeting Solo Sherpa Travel App

Packing and Budgeting Solo Sherpa Travel App



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Elizabeth Avery founded Solo Trekker 4 U in 2012, to provide fellow solo travelers with well-priced top travel packages and global lodging from 5-star hotels to economical bed and breakfasts. Elizabeth has visited all 50 US states and more than 66 countries around the world.


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