Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown: More Fun and Really Odd Holiday Facts:

Holiday Countdown: Fun Facts and Solo Destinations-With only 24 days left, it’s time for today’s fun fact about weird and wacky celebrations around the world:

Fireworks are traditional almost everywhere; however, having at least one Scottish ancestor, I couldn’t resist recounting this tale.

If you find yourself in Scotland, be prepared to duck! Holiday Countdown In Stonehaven, the celebration includes a New Year’s Eve parade with spinning balls of fire making for a lively treat.

Holiday Countdown Solo Travel Destination, Morocco

For an off the beaten path holiday, choose Morocco!

  • See if there is snow in the Atlas Mountain peaks.
  • Go Holiday Countdown for a very (very) fast hydrofoil cruise past the Rock of Gibraltar.
  • Regale in the mild temperatures without the North African summer’s heat.
  • Sample top local cuisine.
  • Ride a camel, or take a local day tour through the desert.
  • Shop until you drop at the local souks, and learn to bargain like you are not really a tourist!
  • With Holiday Countdown you canexplore historic and archaeological sites like the Kasbah of the Udayas and the ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis.
  • Choose from multiple sites to visit from Rabat to Marrakesh to Casa Blanca to Fez or Tangier.
  • Marvel at natural wonders like the Ouzoud Falls,

Solo Travel Destination Luxury 5 Star Moroco

The 5 Star Hotel Dar Rhizlane provides top service in fabled Marrakesh. Magical Morocco is waiting for you with options for spa treatments, major sightseeing or mix of the two.  The location is perfect.  It is just far enough from the city center to avoid noise from trffic and late-night cafes.  It is just onlynabout a mile from the Jamaa El Fna Square. 

The Dar Rhizlane has an on-site restaurant.  Dishes range from local Moroccan favorites to international options.  They are served the traditional Moroccan styile.

Solo Travel Destination, Morocco

Air-conditioned guestrooms have Moraccan decorration style.  The also have individual terraces and beautiful garden views. Each room has a bathroom with a selection of toiletries and comfortable robr.  Even in this ancient setting of Marrakesh, you will have 12st-century convenience.  Tha includes free Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Public transportation is convenient.  It is only one mile to the Marrakesh ONCF train station.  It is about two miles to Marrakesh Menara ir port. 

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