Flying When Things Go Wrong

Flying When Things Go Wrong

Flying When Things Go Wrong

Flying When Things Go Wrong. The adventure journey of every vacation begins when you leave the house. You hope that your flight goes well and smoothly, on time and that your luggage arrives with you – at the same destination and at the same time that you do!

But, we all know that things go wrong.

Flights can be delayed or canceled.

Toddlers meltdown.

Luggage can be lost, delayed, or take a trip without you.

Kids cry.

Babies poop on you – or vomit or pee.

Sometimes all of those things happen on the very same trip.

When you are flying with kids and something bad happens: Don’t Panic.

If baby screams, toddler wigs out, or kiddo melts and announces that you are the meanest mommy on the planet….take a deep breath.

This too shall pass.

You are NOT the only parent who has experienced this and the flight crew around you has seen everything! You can not surprise them.tantrum1

Don’t worry about other passengers.

Most will remember the time it happened to them. Some will even offer to help.

Then will usually be that one passenger:

One that gives you that ‘look’. 

One that makes that ‘noise’ like humpfff or tsk tsk.

One who loudly suggests that her kids never acted like that. 

These people just have selective memory. Of course, their kids acted like that! All kids do! Once upon a time, every single grown-up was guilty of making life memory for their parent. It just is life and we all need to get over it.

One who suggests that children should be seen and not heard.

Are there people still alive who feel this way or have they all died off with the dinosaur? Only the Queen of England can pull off this!

Deep breaths.

We ALL know that kids are kids and no matter who THINKS they remember their perfectly behaved children just has on rose colored glasses.

Forgive the one – not your kiddo, but the one passenger who forgets the joys of parenthood are made even sweeter because of moments like these.


What do I do about that horrible woman/Grinch/crabby man who is glaring at you while the baby screams?

How to Handle the Passenger that Judges You Flying When Things Go Wrong,

Your choices about ‘that one passenger’

1) Ignore them.

If you figure out how to do this, please write a book about it. You’ll make a gazillion dollars and save the planet at the same time.

Take a deep breath and pay attention to your child. They need it the most. You know you are doing the best you can and that is all that matters. You won’t be able to please that person judging you no matter how you try anyway.

2) Glare back.

Glaring back might seem like the thing to do. This might feel good at the moment, but then you just sink to their level.

Do you really want to feel like that horrible person? Even for a moment?

No, you don’t. Make the world a better place and be the bigger person. You’ll never see them again.

3) Flying When Things Go Wrong, Address the problem.

Speak to ‘that person’ in a firm and polite way.

Look said person directly in the eye and say something like:

“Poor baby is teething.”

“It is so hard to be two years old!”

“Poor kiddo has an ear infection!”  (Yes, it is OK to lie.)

4) Remember, this is a one-way street.

Every moment of the tantrum is one moment closer to it being over and you don’t have to go back. It will be over soon. Tantrums just SEEM like they last forever.

toddler smiling outside, how to fly with kids

The biggest don’t of all?

Don’t leave the kids at home!

Enjoy the kids! Enjoy showing them the world!

Teach them! See the world through their eyes!

Experience the world with them!

Share your travel dreams with them!

This can be the biggest joy of your life.



bogota view

Happy travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist




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