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New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans Hotels: 6 great hotels in the French Quarter. Are you looking for recommendations on where to stay in the French Quarter from someone who’s actually visited and stayed or at least walked through a bunch of hotels? Then this is the post for you!

I’ve visited New Orleans seven times now, and have stayed at fabulous hotels in the French Quarter and some just outside it.

But my top tip for visiting the city of jazz is to stay IN the French Quarter. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time walking (and walking – bring good shoes) and there’s lots of exploring to do here and if your hotel is nice and central you can pop in and out for bathroom breaks or a little lie down when the shopping gets tough!

Behind all those little shuttered windows of gaily painted buildings an...

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park 11 Best Things to Do Here. Fascinated by the 7 natural wonders of the world? Here we tick off one of them- the mysterious and engaging Grand Canyon National Park.

Still undiscovered on how old it is, Grand Canyon is a mesmerising natural wonder. Located in Arizona’s northwestern quadrant, it boasts the massive expanse of gorges, magnificent rock formation and beautiful stretch of ridges. And it doesn’t surprise us that it is an iconic globally recognised destination.

Since 1979, this park has been the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just by admiring the views, you can spend hours here. Needless to say, this tourist place holds many marvels and activities for you. Here is the run-through to what to do in grand canyon national park-

Begin with Grand Canyon Visitor ...

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You might be surprised at some of these items banned from Disneyland as the likelihood is you have a few them on you right now and would have innocently wandered in. Be warned!

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on Earth, but if you try and take these things in, you will find your smile turned upside down.

Some of these banned items make sense and you’ll be grateful for the rules (I’m looking at YOU skateboarder), but some of the other things I had no idea about and could have quite easily swanned in carrying the offending contraband.

Disneyland What NOT to take to

Disneyland What NOT to take to

Princesses and ballerinas will never be banned (as long as they’re over 14!)

Disneyland What NOT to take to

No costumes are allowed on anyone over 14...

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What to expect as media attending IPW

What to expect as media attending IPW. IPW is and has been for many years, the biggest event on my travel calendar. IPW is the big travel trade show for the United States of America and is held in different cities each year with around 6,000 travel operators, agents and media all rushing around chilly air conditioned conference halls walking off more steps in a day than a week of physical activity at home. I have made so many great connections, worked with awesome people and become friends with many of them over the years.

IPW stands for International Pow Wow (formerly called Pow Wow, but you’ll end up paying the Swear Jar if you call it that any more kidding!) and has been running since 1969. It brings in nearly $5 billion in new business in just three days.

I first attended in 2005...

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Top Things to do in Washington DC

Top Things to do in Washington DC, it has so much to surprise every type of visitor. It is the capital of the United States of America. If you are on a group tour or you are travelling with your loved one, you are surely going to spend a great holiday here. There are so many monuments, museums, parks, cultural events, happening nightlife, adventure, and best dining scene to keep you stunned as well as relaxed. Here are some of the best things to do in Washington Dc.

Washington dc Attractions

Lincoln Memorial

Top Things to do in Washington DC

Top Things to do in Washington DC

Lincoln memorial is one of the best places to visit during your tour to the capital. It is located at the western end of the National mall that can be reached from Foggy Bottom Metro station or by taking the DC National Bus...

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San Antonio River Walk The Gorgeous Of TX

San Antonio River Walk Is there anything better than river walks surrounded by lush landscapes and cypress-line paths (and vibrant city life) on a balmy evening?

Welcome to the legendary San Antonio River Walk.

A 15 mile oasis in the heart of a hot Texas city.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is what will turn your impression of America’s seventh largest city into memorable wows.


I feel so tranquil just reliving the River Walk through these photos.

I’ll be back here again. Our trip to San Antonio was short, with the intention of taking my Dad to see the Alamo, which was a lifelong dream of his.

I want to return as there are so many more amazing things to do in San Antonio.

We did however, have time for the River Walk.

San Antonio River Walk

The River Walk is 15-miles l...

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Why Remember the Alamo, San Antonio Texas

Alamo, San Antonio Texas. You just never know where life will take you. Every moment offers infinite possibilities, which is why it’s important to never put a wall on your dreaming.

Alamo, San Antonio Texas

Alamo, San Antonio Texas

Alamo, San Antonio Texas Love the joy of the dreaming. Talk about it with enthusiasm and bring parts of it into your life anyway you can.

In the current moment, you may think that your wildest dreams can never be a reality. You can clearly see, in the current moment, the obstacles getting in the way.

Let them be.


They may not always be there. And your unexpected paths around them can easily open up.

Hold your dreams inside a wishing machine and allow the unseen forces to orchestrate grand plans to bring it to life.

When the perfect moment arises, the unseen forces...

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Where to Spot Celebrities in LA and London!

Celebrities in LA and London! Ok, I confess, I am always on the look out for celebrities when I visit LA. And when I see one, like all authentic New Zealanders, I pretend I haven’t and try and look nonchalantly away.

A trip to Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without a little celebrity spotting. Stars in L.A. are practically everywhere, all the time, and for the most part, they’re used to being gawked at. But if you want to avoid looking like a tourist (we’re talking to you, Star Tours bus riders!), we suggest you eat, shop, drink and play among the stars in their natural habitats—a mix of attractions and restaurants and bars (make your reservations now). We give you: L.A.’s top celebrity hangouts. Now… just act natural.

In the other hand, London is the world’s capita...

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New York Museum Best In New York City

New York Museum the global city of New York, renowned for its zeal and dynamism allures travelers from every corner of the world. The city is a fascinating example of various nations pleasantly thriving together. New York City is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and offers loads of attractions and sight seeings to enjoy which also include a myriad of museums. These museums are the perfect way to experience the city’s eclectic amalgam of modernity, creativity, history, and multiculturalism. New York City’s enthralling collection of museums can become quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding which ones to visit. However, on a visit to New York City, we suggest these handpicked museums as a must visit attractions to be included in your holiday.

Metropolitan Museum of A...

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A Taste of Minnesota at the Radisson Blu Mall of America®

Minnesota at the Radisson Blu Mall

Minnesota at the Radisson Blu Mall

How many times have you been out exploring  Minnesota at the Radisson Blu Mall on your vacation and realized you’ve forgotten something in the hotel that could enhance the day a little?

Sunscreen, hats, cameras, money, tickets even.

The list is endless and the struggle can be real coming up with a solution or alternative!

During some free time on our visit to Mall of America® in Bloomington, Minnesota, we of course went shopping. With over 500 retail stores and lots of great sales, there was probably no better time.

Shopping at Mall of America

“Oh no!” I head slapped, I’ve left the Mall of America coupons book in our room.”

The Coupon Book offers over $2,000 worth of savings for many of the stores in the United States’ biggest shopping mall, including restaurants, and...

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