Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany and Beyond: Castle Hotels can be great values.  Many are 4 to 5 star rated. However, even those that have no rating can make you feel like royalty albeit in times gone by.  We are featuring Bavarian castle hotels below so look for the Schloss or Burg that fits your budget and destination. Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany.

We have many other castle hotels primarily in our packages in Europe. See, the links for those at the end of this Tipztr Post

Castle Hotels Germany

Burg Wernberg

5-star hotel updated from its 13th-century origin castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

4 poster beds and free Wi-Fi

Hiking and golf nearby

Sauna and massage available

Hotel Burg Abenberg

4-star Medieval castle but with modern rooms

2 museums on-site

Hiking and golf nearby Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

Sightseeing 30-minute drive to Nuremberg

Burg Colmberg Hotel

A family-run hotel in Medieval Holmberg

Dates back 1,000+ years

Elegant rooms but with modern updates

Buffet breakfast daily

Dining al fresco in the summer

Hiking and biking tours Castle Hotels in Bavaria Germany

Hotel Schloss Eggenberg

Historic Schloss 90 kilometers from Nuremberg

Stylish rooms and scenic views

Breakfast buffet

Free Wi-Fi in public areas

Terrace dining option in warm weather

Germany and Beyond

Elsewhere in Germany:

Schloss Waldeck

Palais von Buelow


4 Star Bordeaux Castle Hotel


4 Star Dutch Castle Hotel


5 Star Palacio do Freixo

This is one of my personal favorites, an easy train ride from Lisbon. It is just outside the fabled port city of Porto with cabs nearby to get around. It has real charm and also top cuisine.


4 Star Basque Castle Hotel


Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City – Enter your dates into our booking engine for price and availability. This is another of my top picks around the world. It can be high though in-season or for holidays. You will save airfare by having a feel of France in North America if you reside on this side of the Atlantic. Jan. and Feb. are the best prices.  I have been many times and skied and gone dog sledding. The hotel shuttle can take you there so it is easy to have a great trip.

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