Airport Anxiety-Try a K-9 Solution

Airport Anxiety-Try a K-9 Solution

Airport Anxiety-Try a K-9 Solution

Airport Anxiety-Try a K-9 Solution. Every traveler has their worst flight stories. My two personal favorites:

The “flight to nowhere”. On a past business trip, I flew one hour to New York, circled for one hour and because of bad weather, flew back one hour to Washington, DC.  In my three hour “trip”, my foot never touched terra firma until I was once more back where I started!

-5 countries in 18 hours. Heading solo to Slovenia to sightsee and ski, on arrival in Zurich, I learned my connection was cancelled. Not to worry, I could be flown to Germany. As I arrived in Germany, I looked longingly as my next flight taxied down the runway, once again without me! No worries I was told, I could be flown to Austria. Upon arrival, I sat in my departure gate for hours staring fixedly at the gate. I was fearful if I blinked and missed this flight, I would be dispatched to a 6th country in 18 hours!

With the holiday crowds, the prospect of flight delays, wintry weather and increased security concerns, harried travelers can now soothe their airport anxiety in 31 US locations.  Like the fabled St. Bernard’s making their way through the Alps, there is a new 21st century K-9 hero receiving notice.

In Denver it is known as “CATS”, but don’t let that fool you. It stands for the Canine Airport Therapy Squad, a kind of “pet-a-puppy” alternative to alleviate travelers’ stress. Unlike the working police dogs that exude a “Look but Don’t Touch” air, the K-9 therapy dogs are easily identified with “PET ME” on their vests and are led by trained handlers.  Just a few minutes with your new canine friend, and the stress will melt away!

So, if you’re heading out to the airport for the holidays, be sure  to check the Internet to see if your airport is part of this new passenger-friendly program.

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