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5 Tips on Best Travel Pants. See how to pack and how to wear what works for your next trip! You’ll be better of when your prepare ahead and you’ll be glad you did.

5 Tips on Best Travel Pants: Tip One:

Be sure that any slacks you buy or pack have pockets. The best way to go is with pockets with zippers. Why is that? After a long flight, you may not see that all your top items fell out while you slept!

5 Tips on Best Travel Pants

5 Tips on Best Travel Pants

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5 Tips on Best Travel Pants: Tip Two:

I love color. But if you have a long trip, black or neutral colors mix and match. Also they don’t show you spilled your AM “Joe”! Try a long top or tunic for color and style. That is also a good way to hide a



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5 Tips on Best Travel Pants: Tip Three:

Adventure travelers will find out fast that size matters. If you have long, long pants, a visit to the lavatory or as is said in parts of the world, the “Happy House”, you may have an unhappy time. In any case, if you must go through mud and rain, you should not have to roll up your pants legs.

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5 Tips on Best Travel Pants: Tip Four:

Think about how to pack light. Take just pants that go from day to night.

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5 Tips on Best Travel Pants: Tip Five:

Look at your destination and the weather.  In India, I found out that my light pants from home were too much. In the monsoons and humid days, my knees felt like they were in cement! If you don’t have the right pants, buy some when you get there. If they  won’t work at home, you can leave them in a local donation bin.

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